Vault AI App is launching on Google and apple stores

AI Super app built for Crypto-First Solutions

Vault AI is the standard for Modular AI building infrastructure with a wide range of RWA applications.


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Vault AI is the Most Viable L1 Chain Pushing the Frontiers of Web3 Utilities with AI Technology.

Vault's ecosystem offers a broad range of features including

Vault Chain

A decentralized ledger solution that merges robust security with blazing speed, offering seamless chain integration.

Vault App

Mobile app containing a suite of features including multichain exchange, anonymous swap, AI chatbot and much more...

Vault AI Bot

Your advanced AI companion designed to enhance and streamline your interactions within chat environments

Introducing the Vault AI App

A comprehensive platform offering a ton of features for everyone.

  • Web3Auth Sign-in

    Web3Auth ensures a secure authentication process

  • Multichain Networks

    Including Vault L2, the Vault app supports a variety of blockchain networks, facilitating interactions acrossmultiple chains

  • AI Chatbot Assistance

    Web3Auth ensures a secure authentication process

  • Staking

    Engage in staking to earn an array of assets like $Vault, $BTC, $ETH and $USDT

  • Anonymous Exchange

    Conduct fund exchanges within the app or across chains while maintaining privacy.

  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

    Access and participate in the latest token launches directly through the mobile application.

Discover the Vault AI Bot

An advanced AI companion designed to enhance and streamline your interaction within chat environments, especially tailored for platforms involving intricate transactions and exchanges.

  • Chat Summaries

    Super useful for users who need to quickly catch up on missed conversations or extract vital information from ongoing discussion

  • Support Ticket System

    Provides a direct line of communication with the resolution team to ensure your issues are addressed promptly and efficiently.

  • Image Reading

    Analyzes and interprets images sent within the chat. Extracting text, verifying task completion and gathering relevant details

  • Exchange

    Provides an efficient mechanism for users to convert tokens, supporting parameters like destination address, token symbols and amounts while guiding you through the exchange.

  • OTC Trading

    VaultAIBot features a rich suite of tools that enables creating listings, browsing an engaging with available listings and managing your OTC activities.

  • Escrow bot

    Is a service built on the blockchain which implements distributed ledger technology and serves as an important middleman between transactional parties

The VAULT AI Roadmap

Vault Chain

Pioneering decentralized ledger solution that merges robust security with blazing speed, offering seamless chain integration.

Vault PAY

Comprehensive payment solution launched on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, facilitating seamless crypto transactions worldwide


This includes a range of services such as a dedicated blockchain, staking options through a decentralized application and Telegram.


AI-powered oracle will be implemented to provide real-time job updates, enhancing the functionality and user experience of our platform


An on/off ramp through Vault Pay and our Telegram bot, making it easier for users to move their assets into and out of the crypto space


NFTs tied to our ledger. Revenue generated from Vault Services will be shared with NFT holders

How to buy Vault AI


$VAULT is a Token used for operating in the Vault AI Ecosystem. $VAULT can be either bought on a cryptocurrency exchange or earned by staking.

  • 1

    Choose and connect your wallet

    You can interact with the purchase platform with a range of wallet options like Trust wallet, Uniswap etc
  • 2

    Confirm chain

    Vault AI is on Ethereum Chain so make sure to confirm and switch to the Eth chain before transacting.
  • 3

    Deposit $ETH

    Add $ETH to your new wallet by transferring from an exchange (ex. Binance) or purchase from your wallet
  • 4

    Swap $VAULT for $ETH

    Swap $ETH for $VAULT on Uniswap or directly here using Flooz.